Global-EU Consortium & Agenda 2022

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The second year of key stakeholders and sponsors (very soon the 1st version; Global-EU Consortium in 2021) for supporting...

...the second year of the first ever common and geo-economic Innovation Agenda 2022 (very soon the 1st version; you can see what happened in 2021).


Following, the current list of our StartupCities divided in 5 levels depending on their growing to be a StartupCity:

  • Level -1. Our top entrepreneurs & innovators.
  • Level 0. Ecosystem flagship.
  • Level 1. Ecosystem leadership.
  • Level 2. Basic: new economic model & business leadership.
  • Level 3. StartupCity = new innovation ecosystem (mature: new economic model & business leadership).


Level 1

NanoTech eHealth StartupCity Braga

AI-IoMT MedTech StartupCity Cluj-Napoca

eSports Gaming StartupCity Cologne

AgriFood StartupCity Heraklion

Indie Gaming StartupCity Malaga

Air and Water EnviroTech StartupCity Ostrava

CleanTech StartupCity Valencia

Clusters Mobility StartupCity Vantaa


Level 0

Blockchain Tourism StartupCity Varna

Energy Green StartupCity Cape Town

BioTech Ecology StartupCity Leuven

AI MedTech StartupCity Wroclaw

Green FinTech StartupCity Tirana

Wine StartupCity Ungheni

MedTech StartupCity Galway

5G Mobility StartupCity Turin

AI eHealth StartupCity Lyon

AI MedTech StartupCity Coimbra

Immersive Economy StartupCity Bilbao

Electronic and Telecommunications Industry StartupCity Aveiro


Level -1

StartupCity Austin, StartupCity Beersheba, StartupCity Belgrade, StartupCity Bratislava, StartupCity Brisbane, StartupCity Columbia, StartupCity Cuenca, StartupCity Daejeon, StartupCity Eindhoven, StartupCity Eskisehir, StartupCity Gothenburg, StartupCity Grenoble, StartupCity Gwalior, StartupCity Gyumri, StartupCity Jerusalem, StartupCity Kyoto, StartupCity Ljubljana, StartupCity Manizales, StartupCity Masdar, StartupCity Miami, StartupCity Montreal, StartupCity Ningbo, StartupCity Niterói, StartupCity Playa del Carmen, StartupCity Podgorica, StartupCity Reykjavik, StartupCity Sarajevo, StartupCity Skopje, StartupCity Suwon, StartupCity Tallinn, StartupCity Tbilisi, StartupCity Torshavn, StartupCity Tunis, StartupCity Wellington, StartupCity Zhengzhou, StartupCity Zurich.